I was chatting with a client yesterday and they were commenting on the perceived ease in which I was able to write engaging copy that is getting wonderful results for them.
And they asked me how I did it, it seemed like some kind of magic to them because, “when I write, it doesn’t sound anywhere near as authoritative or as engaging.”
I figured that they are not the only ones wondering what makes good copy good, so I thought I would share with you the 5 Basics that I return to when beginning any project; so that you can have a quick reference guide to refer to…
And understand the difference between good copy and ordinary copy.


What Is Good Copy?

Good copywriting is writing for a practical purpose; to inform, persuade or encourage the reader to take action.
Given that your copy, whether written or spoken in a video script is your conversation with your audience, it is not something to be skimped on.
An investment in good copywriting can produce enormous returns but when done poorly, can also cost you in a big way.

The 5 Basic Principles of Good Copywriting

Whether you choose to write yourself or hire a professional copywriter and no matter the purpose, your copy must always be based on the following fundamental principles:


1. Goal
What do you want to achieve with your copy?


2. Desired Reaction
What do you want people to think, feel or do as and after they read the copy?


3. Audience
Who will read your copy or listen to the video script?
What are their likes, priorities, fears and aspirations?
Where will they be when the read or listen to the copy?


4. Features and Benefits
What does your product or service do?
How does it work?
What is unique about it?
How do the features relate to your audience’s needs and desires?
How will your product or service help them?


Which features and/or benefits are the most important?
How will you present the features and benefits to achieve the reaction you want and the goal you are aiming for?
So there you have it, whether you choose to hire a professional copywriter or invest the time yourself, you now have the fundamentals at your fingertips and will be able to determine good copy from average copy.
To your success,
Rohan James

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