Repeat Sales And Referrals

Your sales are only 50% complete at the time money is exchanged, however many businesses fail to follow up after the sale and this costs them repeat sales and kills referrals.

We use a proven follow-up process to support you and your team, to ensure no opportunities fall through the cracks – ever!


Ideal Customer Lifecycle

We’ll show you how to create The Ideal Customer Lifecycle to ensure your sales process is flawless.

Nurturing Experiences

We help you stay top of mind and stand out from the crowd in your customers’ mind.

Process Automation

We implement automation to save you and your team bucket loads of time and wasted energy.

Repeat Sales & Referrals Package

Our Repeat Sales & Referrals package comprises all the elements above.  We work with you for 3 months to set all of this up along with a marketing automation platform, emails, and optimisation of everything whilst we measure your conversions and results.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I recommend Success Wizards to any service based business wanting to expand.”

Mike Alcorn

CEO & Director, Ignition Accountants

“What really sets Aveline and the Team apart is that they really seek to understand the business goals that are trying to be achieved, before proposing better and faster ways to get the job done. ”

Will Swayne

Managing Director, Marketing Results

“Aveline provided us with invaluable training that helped us understand who our customers were and how to best strategically market to them. It has made a massive difference in our lives. ”

Geri Hammond

Marketing Manager, The Helensvale Group

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get this set up?

For each package we estimate it will be set up within 4 weeks, so long as we have all the information required.

What types of Lead Magnets do you create?

Our Lead Magnets are custom designed for each client. These could include: eBooks, Guides, Checklists, Info Graphics and Questionnaires.


What is List Hygiene Management?

This is where we implement some critical strategies to ensure that your database is engaged, current, and not causing email deliverability to be poor. There are many factors to increasing email open rates and conversions and we employ a number of tactics and strategies for this.

What Metrics do I get?

We focus on the 7 levers of profit and our metrics are centred on baselines for each of these levers and industry standards where possible. We work on improving each of these baselines in the levers over the length of our work together.

What is a Campaign?
  • A campaign is a series of steps, triggers, actions and connections that aim to achieve a specific outcome. This can be customer facing or internal team focused.  Either way it’s designed to create efficiency, engagement and a result.
Can I continue after 3 months?

Absolutely and we recommend that you do.  Each business is different and their results will be different from others. Even if you achieve the goal metrics for each of the levers, you may want to continue with us as your partner to continue your increasing results.

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