Hello and today’s video is about gear. I had some comments and questions around is it really important to create gear or items, physical items with your logo on it?

In the last video I was wearing one of our shirts which had our business name, logo, and our little tagline which is, “Make a difference” because for us, our business is all about making a difference in the world to small businesses and the flow-on impact that makes. How your brand can make a difference.

That’s what we’re all about, it’s part of what drives us, it’s our why, and that informs our tagline.

We have it on our shirt and we have it on a number of our things, and of course all across our online elements as well, and anything we produce. Is it important to create shirts and caps and things like that?

Well, here’s the thing. People love to feel good and they love to be noticed and they love to get stuff.

As much as we don’t like cluttering up our wardrobes and our lives, the thing is a shirt that’s branded with your brand gives that customer a sense of who you are. They’re reminded.

Now, I’m wearing a shirt that I got at a recent conference, and you can see here, it says, “SuccessCon,” well actually it was last year’s shirt, but I’m still wearing it because I went to this year’s conference. It makes me feel good.

There’s some logos on the back from some sponsors and would I wear this out? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s a good shirt for the office.

Here’s the thing.

I had a good experience there. I’m reminded. I also going to a couple things, I got a little portable charger for my phone, I got a pen, I got a hat, and all those little things add up.

Now, I don’t expect to be given gear like that from everybody and I certainly would run out of closet space if everybody gave me the same things, however, t-shirts are cheap and in my industry, digital marketing and marketing automation, we deal with a lot of technology companies and those kinds of things and we get shirts from them.

In my wardrobe I’ve got about seven or eight, maybe even 10 shirts and I alternate them.

Each day I go, “Who’s shirt am I going to wear today?” It makes me feel good because I’m reminded by looking at the shirt when I put it on and then I’m instantly connected to the person that I deal with in that company.

Got to be honest with you, some days I am driven to choose a shirt based on how I feel about them more so, who do I like the most kind of thing.

What it does is it keeps you front of mind. I look at these things and I just go, “Oh, that’s right. They can do that for us,” so the next time we need to buy that item I go, “That’s what we’ll get.” They’re there, it’s front of mind, but it’s an emotional connection. If t-shirts are not your thing, think about something that is. Could it be a branded notebook, journal? People always use pens, what about a magnet? Little things that you can just throw in.

Now, I wouldn’t be just sending these to people all the time.

You obviously want to think about when is the most appropriate time to give people these things that reflect your brand and your business.

Ideally, it’s when they become a customer. Sometimes you can think about maybe it’s appropriate to do it when they’ve been a customer for a period of time, like an anniversary gift.

It could be a really nice box with something in it, like a USB stick, or something again, that’s got your logo, it’s got a message from you, and it’s really kind, and it makes them feel really amazing.

Those are things that matter.

Remember, you’re dealing with people and it’s about emotions and feeling.

When I put this shirt on, I remember how I felt at that conference. I had a fun time, and it was informative and engaging and I met some amazing people, and that’s awesome.

So guess what? I’m probably going to go next year, because it really made me feel good, so putting this shirt on takes me back.

That’s why we do the gear. It’s a very cost effective, low cost and cost effective way to make another connection with your customer, okay?

Hope that helps and I look forward to more comments and questions. I’ll see you on the next video. Bye!

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