PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising Campaigns

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising has the potential to put your message on Google’s homepage without you needing to implement SEO best practices. However, just like the name says, it is a paid for service, and like most digital marketing activities, PPC is easy to perform, but difficult to master.

That’s where we come in. If you use our PPC services, we can help your campaigns get the clicks you need from visitors that are interested in your services.

And this can be done without you having to spend a fortune on a keywords spread, or see your bounce rate skyrocket. No matter what your business type is, or your budget constraints, we can help create PPC success for you.

Here’s what you can expect from our PPC services
Keywords That Work For You

The foundation of a successful PPC campaign rests squarely on your use of keywords. That’s why we take the time to craft advertisements that work with the most relevant and appropriate keywords. In addition we ensure the ad text is a perfect match to your target audience, and works within the keywords framework. It’s quite and art.

This means your campaign will not only attract the right audience, but will speak to them in a way that will make clicking irresistible.

A Quality Score To Be Proud Of

Not many people realise that Google rates the quality and relevance of your PPC campaign’s keywords. As you can expect, the higher the rating (called the Quality Score) the better you can expect your click-through rating and cost per click to be.

Our experience and consistent ongoing testing of relevant keywords will help make sure that you get a Quality Score that gives you the clicks you need, at the lowest cost possible.

Negative Keywords That Have A Positive Impact
Another great thing about PPC that few marketers utilise is negative keywords. We specify non-converting terms as negative keywords, which has the end result of improving your campaign’s relevance to users, and reduces your costs.
A Holistic Keyword Approach
A PPC campaign is definitely not a load and let go type of campaign. To ensure that your campaign keeps performing as you need it to, we’ll constantly monitor your progress, adding keywords that are relevant to your business, without negatively impacting on your Quality Score.
Split Paths To Success

The power of PPC campaigns is that you don’t have to create a single ad with its keywords, and serve it to as wide an audience as possible.

In fact, we often recommend that ad groups be split into smaller, more relevant groups, which means that each ad is better targeted, leading to a higher conversion rate, and has the added benefit of boosting your Quality Score even further.

No More Bouncing

If keywords are the foundation of your PPC campaign, your landing page is the finished building. It won’t help to get the right audience interested in your services, only for them to click away from your landing page.

To make sure that visitors that have engaged with your PPC campaign have a higher chance of converting, we will help create a landing page (see below) that is optimised for desktop and mobile browsers. Your landing page is written using persuasive copy, has relevant content with a clear call to action that relates to the user’s search queries.

The Best Landing Possible

Using a single landing page might not always give you the best results. That’s why having one landing page for various PPC campaigns is very much the same as having your eggs in one basket.

To help make sure that your campaign doesn’t become a mess, we will further refine your landing page, creating new ones that align with individual queries to boost conversion rates even further. We’ll always recommend this approach if we have split your ad groups into smaller groups.

This means you get a steady stream of clicks and conversions from your campaign, as your targeted groups are served with ads perfectly tailored to their search queries.

Don’t Worry About The Legwork
Yes, there is a lot of finesse and specific approaches that go into a truly successful PPC campaign. If you’re worried about getting the most out of your PPC, without spending too much time on it, let us take over the legwork for you, and you can focus on growing your business.

Contact us now and let us help you say goodbye to excessive bounce rates, and hello to clicks that convert into sales!

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