Membership Sites

Make Your World-Class Membership Site a Reality
With Infusionsoft And Memberium

A membership site is one of the best ways to provide your readership with great content in a way that contributes to your business’s bottom line. It sound’s easier said than done, but with our help (and with one of the best membership plugins around), you’ll be asking yourself why you haven’t switched to a membership site ages ago.


What is a Membership Site?


In essence, a membership site is part of your business’s website that isn’t accessible unless the visitor is a subscribed member. This approved “access only” feature is made possible by using specific plugins, like Memberium.

The Benefits of a Memebrship Site

So you might be asking, it’s all well and good that you can create a members only part on your website, but why do it in the first place?

The great part of creating a membership website is that it allows you to generate income from your website by charging your members to access that part of that website. The only catch is that you just have to make sure you make it worth their while to join in the first place.

That’s where we come in. We’ll use the latest technology to create your membership site, and like all our services, tailor your offering to suit your business’s unique target market. Whether it is expert daily tips and advice, a recurring eBook subscription or exclusive video content, we can make it happen.

This means you get a site that works beautifully, and you’ll be giving your current and existing customers the perfect reason to join up as members.

How Do We Do It?

For membership sites, we’ve created a service that uses WordPress websites that are integrated with Infusionsoft (our favourite CRM and Automated Marketing system), and Memberium, a world-class membership site plugin.

In a nutshell, we create a website in which Memberium is able to connect with your Infusionsoft data, and give you the power to provide users that have become members your exclusive content.

Keep in mind that this is a simple example, and we’ll take you through every step of the process, all you have to do is contact us, and we’ll be happy to give you the info you need.

At Success Wizards, we ensure you get the best possible digital marketing solution.

We accomplish this by only working with the best tools that we’ve taken the time to master, so you don’t have to worry about training or implementation – you just get to hit the ground running with a system that works.

Contact us today and make your membership site a reality.

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