Hello. So this video is answering some questions I’ve had around what do you ask your customers to find out what they really like and need and want?

Well, first of all, I’m really pleased yet thinking about this, because I would say that majority of businesses that we work with have never surveyed their customers. They’ve never actually gone out and asked them any questions at all. So the thing is, it’s important to ask the right questions in a way that your customers feel quite happy to give you answers.

And as you know, some people don’t want to give bad feedback, but if you do it to every customer, if you ask them and you create a safe space or a relationship, you’ve already worked out that, created a good relationship so that they feel that they can give you that feedback. That’s what you want.

Now, you’ll have customers who are new and then you’ll have customers who’ve been with you for a while.

You want to survey both. You want to find out, okay, what could have we done better upfront, so you can base things on the product itself or the service that you’re selling. So what else would have you liked to have seen or been offered at this point when you first purchased?

You can find out things like how many other people did you talk to before you bought us? What was the deciding factor in going with us? And was there anything, like I said, anything else that you would have liked to have seen on offer when you made the purchase? So that’s that stage.

So then you ask questions for the next stage. You might ask, you know, did you get enough information up front? Was the process smooth? You know, on a scale of one to five, how good did you find the X, Y, Z?

So whatever it is that you’re delivering or sharing or helping. So find out from that perspective.

Then with your longer term customers, they’ve had a longer experience with you and it would be really interesting to find out from them how they’re going, you know, depending on what they’ve bought from you and what you’re delivering, how they rate that service.

Would they be happy to refer you? How would they rate you? Would they be happy to give you a Google review or a Facebook review?

If you haven’t already asked for those from your customers and your loyal customers, then you should be. Because, again, that feeds into that online reputation and credibility that we’ve spoken about before. They will tell you important information needed to make your products/services better and help your brand stand out.

But find out from the customers what is it that didn’t go so well up front, you know, what didn’t you like about the sales process or that journey? Was there anything we could have improved? What about in the middle point where they’ve become a customer and they’ve been around for a little while? Is there anything we could have improved there? Maybe it was the speed or the time taken to give them something. Maybe it was turnaround times or response times often, or it could be just that they were confused. How did you feel? Did you have all the information you needed? Did you have any other questions? Did you feel that you could come out and ask questions?

The questions certainly have to be relevant to your business and the product or service that you’re offering, but there’s similar questions in that you are finding out what you’ve done well, what could have been done better, and if they would still be happy to refer you.

You want to know that they’re happy, that everything’s going well.

You might have VIP customers, they might not know they’re VIP. To you, they’re VIP.

What are you doing for them? What can you ask them? So it’s around are they happy with X, Y, Z?

Whatever it is that you’re doing for them that’s special you want to find out how they’re going with that, is it working for them? Do they want something else?

When they give you that feedback about what’s working, what’s not, and what else they want, that’s the gold. That’s what you can take, collate it and go, “Right, we’re going to put this into our process from now on.”

The moment you do that, you’ll find things shift and improve and your customers are happier. They’re more willing to give you the reviews. They’re more willing to buy more from you.

Okay? And it’s becomes a cycle of, I guess, a goodwill cycle, and you have these raving fans over time. So not only is the product and service good, but everything else around that experience is good as well. Okay?

So have a think about what it is that you’re selling and how you’re selling it, and ask the questions at each point of the journey that’s going to give you the greatest amount of feedback. Okay?

And don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions around what they don’t like and what they would have liked to have seen, because they’re the ones that can answer it, not you.

You are not your ideal customer. Just remember that.

Okay. I hope that’s been really helpful and I look forward to seeing you soon on the next video, and please keep the questions coming in.

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