Paid Advertising is one of the most effective way of getting leads that will help grow your business. Paid Ads give your business a little more exposure to your target market but this marketing strategy can also give you a lot more costs especially when done improperly. Small business need to take a closer look at their paid ads and ensure that they are not wasting money on paid ads.

Here’s a quick guide on How to Get Quality Leads Through Paid Ads

Where are you redirecting your paid ads? You may direct your prospect customers to a website, landing page, or an opt-in form.

A landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. This is where your leads or prospect customers get more information about you, your products, and promotion.

Your paid ad should be directed to a well-built landing page so that you won’t be wasting money on unconverted clicks. A good landing page needs to contain a catchy headline, catch phrase, and quality content that persuades leads to actually buy from you. Don’t forget to include a Call-To-Action Button in your landing page that tells your leads to what they should do next.

Oftentimes, paids ads cost us more money because what people usually have been doing is they’re not actually capturing any names, contact number, or emails.  It is important to get all this information because even if a chunk of these leads aren’t actual buyers, you can nurture them and eventually convert them.

Once you have all the information of your leads, it is essential for you to setup a sales funnel that does not have a ‘leaky bucket’. What does a ‘leaky bucket’ mean?  You’ve got this bucket and you’re pouring leads into it and, through the paid ads, okay, and you’ve got all these holes and there’s a whole load of people.

It is wise to invest in a platform that will help you set-up a sales funnel that will address the ‘leaky bucket’ situation so that you don’t need to re-activate previously run ads to get fresh new leads. This platform is part of the ‘ecosystem’ of getting quality leads that you’ll be getting from your paid ads.


Once you get all these leads, you can nurture customers and also those who aren’t ready yet to purchase. Eventually you can get those who didn’t buy up front to eventually purchase ,and then you can put money into Paid Ads in order to get an ROI  on those.


Remember, if you dont want to waste your money on paid ads and what you want are quality leads then it is important to build out that ecosystem, that customer journey first, so that then every dollar you spend on paid ads gets you the ROI, because you’re capturing the people who aren’t ready to buy upfront but they might be ready to buy later.


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