There are more small businesses per capita than ever before in Australia. With advances in technology, it’s becoming easier to start a business and currently business ownership is at all-time highs in Australia.


Given the sheer volume of businesses out there, being able to dominate your industry with Digital Marketing may seem like an impossible feat, however, I’ll let you in on a secret that no one is really talking about – yet!


You see, all your competitors have a website, all your competitors have some sort of catch phrase associated with what they offer, how they offer it to whom they offer it. Some of them are paying for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), some of them are paying for Google advertising, some of them are paying for Facebook advertising, some of them are uber-active of social media and some of them are members of networking groups around your industry.


But here’s the crazy thing; very little of it is working!


Have you ever booked a holiday, looked at the beautiful bright images of paradise, booked your holiday only to find that the water is shallow and full of sharp coral and the hotel hasn’t been upgraded in 20 years?


Well, just because someone is spending money on ads, or spends half their day on LinkedIn, with thousands of connections, it doesn’t mean that they are successful.


Looks can be deceiving as you know, so I’m going to ”call out” all the wanna-be marketers who try to convince you that online ads will ensure the success of your business; or social media outreach will take you to the top in days or weeks – it takes a lot more strategic planning and execution than this.


You see, to really make your marketing work, and to dominate your industry with Digital Marketing, you need to have a seamless end to end marketing ecosystem that attracts, converts and then maximises the value of each and every customer. Then it should put your lead generation on autopilot.


Now don’t fret, this can be done in a logical step by step, almost a paint by numbers process, and the best news is, up to 80% of this process can be fully automated!


This, my friend, is how you will dominate your industry with Digital Marketing…


If you have the strategic patience to implement each part of the process the way it needs to be and at the time it needs to be done, we’ll be seeing you at the top before you know it.


As Newton’s third law so correctly explains, “For ever action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Therefore, if you follow these steps, the proven steps to Digital Marketing Success, the “reaction” will have you as the leading business in your industry. As you read on, you’ll discover why this is such a sure thing.


What follows in this article, is you exactly what you need to do to dominate your industry with Digital Marketing.


How to Dominate Your Industry with Digital Marketing 

As promised, here are the five steps to dominate your industry with Digital Marketing, the exact steps and in the exact order they ought to be undertaken.


1. Convert Unconverted Leads

2. Increase the Lifetime Value of Current Customers

3. Get More Referrals from Customers

4. Get More Leads from the Online Media You Have

5. Decide on One Advertising Channel and Dominate It!

Do you notice a difference here to what most marketers tell you?


Everyone talks about getting more leads via ads, and yes, advertising is a part of any marketing mix, but notice that advertising is Step #5 on our list, not Step #1 as most people make it?


You see if you’re paying for leads and you don’t have the infrastructure to maximise the conversion (and value) of those new leads, your advertising dollars are going down the tube. 


You need to ensure that you have a well-oiled lead nurturing, lead conversion and “maximising the value of every customer” machine in place BEFORE you spend money on expensive advertising.


We hate wasting money and we’re sure you do too!


Okay, that said, let’s get into each of the five steps to dominate your industry with Digital Marketing in more detail – the right way and in the right order…

Step #1 – Convert Your Unconverted Leads 

lead conversion strategy gold coast
Convert unconverted leads. What does this mean? This is really quite simple, whether you have a sophisticated CRM or a simple spreadsheet, you will have some sort of list of people who you know have expressed interest in your product(s) or service(s).


So, Step #1 is to create and implement a repeatable system that can educate and nurture those people who express interest in what you have to offer.


You see these people have expressed interest, but haven’t yet purchased from you, so something is stopping them. Now, you know your business and customers better than anyone else, so what is it that prevents people from doing business with you? Is it price? Is it that they don’t know enough about the benefits of what you are offering? Is it that you haven’t got the continuity of branding and messaging to build the confidence and the trust in your ability to provide them with the outcome they need?


Dig into these areas and discover the objections or reasons that people contact you but don’t follow through to purchase. Once you’ve done this, reach out to your unconverted leads with this fresh perspective and then implement more education earlier into your customers’ journey so that all objections and all questions are answered BEFORE they pop up in the prospect’s’ minds.


And when you’ve uncovered these objections, consider automating this education process using clever marketing automation software like Keap or Active Campaign so you can use your valuable human resources on other important tasks that are not repeatable, and therefore can’t be automated. 


You see how implementing this strategy would eliminate resistance to purchase and therefore also boost your conversion rate from those expensive ads you’ve been paying for? And if you can automate it, it will also save you and your staff a whole heap of time too.


I’d suggest stop wasting money on advertising and get this step right first; in fact, get this and the next three steps right before switching the ads back on.


Okay, so that is Step #1, Convert your unconverted leads and implement a repeatable process that eliminates resistance to doing business with you as early as possible in your customers’ journey.


All right, that done, let’s now look at the next step…


Step #2 ­- Increase the Lifetime Value of Your Customers



increase your customer value gold coast


Question: Who is it easier to sell to? A person who has already purchased from you previously or a brand-new lead who only found you online yesterday?


It’s a rhetorical question, but here’s the thing. Most small business owners suffer from shiny object syndrome when they need more sales. “I need more leads and I need more sales!” is the catchcry of 99% of small business owners. So, they go and spend their children’s inheritance on expensive ads hoping they’ll get a massive return on their investment.


News flash! It’s more expensive and takes longer to convert sales from advertising than it does from your own database (unless you have an emergency service like a plumber for a burst water pipe or a mechanic from a broken-down car and so on).


Do you need more leads and sales? Well, take a look under your own feet. As the famous book Acres of Diamonds by Russel Conwell articulates clearly. 


In your case as a small business owner, your “Acre of Diamonds” is your database/list.


And here’s what you do:


1. Make new offers to previous customers. These can be new products or services or can be bundles or add-ons to what they have already bought.
2. If you have a product or service that has a “typical life span” or requires regular reviews or upgrades, (such as a car dealership, pest control, cleaning, motor mechanic, financial services), contact your customers an appropriate time before it’s ready to upgrade/review and make sure you are top of their mind when the time comes to act.
3. Identify which customers are happy and ask them for reviews on Google or Facebook.


Doing this step alone will have a massive impact on your leads and sales and it won’t cost you one cent in advertising!


So, this is Step #2, increase the lifetime value of every customer.


So far, you’ve converted your unconverted leads into customers and now you’ve increased the value of every customer. We could stop here, and you’d be well on your way to dominate your industry with Digital Marketing, however, we are not satisfied just getting you to the top, we want you to completely and utterly DOMINATE!


So, let’s continue your journey of domination by moving on to Step #3…


Step #3 – Get More Referrals from Your Customers



get more referrals gold coast


Do you have a systematised manner in which you identify happy customers and then ask those happy customers for referrals to friends, family and colleagues?


If you don’t, you are losing one of the biggest generators of income for your business available. And once again, to undertake this strategy, it costs peanuts when compared with advertising for new leads.


Who would you rather do business with? Someone who a trusted friend or family recommended to you or someone whose ad you found on a Google search result?


Once again, a rhetorical question. So why don’t you have such a system in place in your business? This is a virtual gold mine!


Now, to implement this strategy successfully, you must:


1. Identify happy customers
2. Make it a no-brainer for them to refer people to you
3. Ask them for referrals


If you don’t ask, you don’t get right? Many business owners I talk with are scared to ask for referrals, and that is why I recommend having a strategy to identify happy customers first!


Here’s the thing about getting people referred to you…


If they have been referred by a trusted friend or family member, they are already 60% – 70% sold! In other words, all that up time and effort in showing value and benefits and building trust, have already been overcome without you having to do anything!


This is a massive money saver and time saver, and on top of this, people who are referred to you often become your longest serving and most valuable customers! 


Therefore, you MUST implement a structured, repeatable referral program into your marketing activities.


And, if you truly want to dominate your industry with Digital Marketing, this referral process can be achieved with clever marketing automation software – saving you hours and hours every week, and thousands of dollars in unnecessary advertising.


So that is Step #3, implement a systematised referral program into your business.


If you implement the above three strategies into your business, you’ll be on top on your industry.




Because virtually no one is doing this (except clients we work for :-), which means you have already eliminated the competition!


This is our objective for you, make your marketing so effective that you no longer have any competition!


These three steps will catapult your business to the top, however, we are not done yet! Just when you thought it couldn’t get much better, we’re going to crank it up even further, and leave your competition choking on your dust as you speed off into the distance.


With this goal in mind, let’s move on to Step #4…


Step #4 – Get More Leads from Your Current Online Media



get more leads gold coast  


Isn’t it interesting, this article is showing you the path to dominate your industry with Digital Marketing, and we’ve covered two-thirds of the entire strategy and we haven’t talked about advertising, your website or your social media as part of the strategies yet!


Now you can see that most business owners and most marketers actually do things back-to-front! They are happy because they get paid, but this costs you dearly.


Did I mention we hate wasting money?


And yet this is what happens, if you don’t have the first three steps in place BEFORE spending time, or even worse, you hard earned MONEY on your website and social media.


As I’ve already said, most of the above three steps, up to 80% of it, can be automated with great marketing automation software (we recommend Keap and Active Campaign for most small businesses. Infusionsoft is another great platform and is good for more complex businesses) which is a crucial part of your Digital Marketing mix. In fact, it’s the most important!


The more you can automate, the less you have to do!


Let’s do a quick recap…


So far, you have:
1. Converted your unconverted leads
2. Maximised the value of every customer
3. Implemented a systematised referral process


Now you have the foundation to capitalise and maximise the value of every single lead that comes to your business. And not only that, you have increased your turnover and created a budget that you can now use for advertising – virtually out of thin air!


Do you see how this works now?


You now have more leads, more sales and you’ve created an advertising budget without spending one cent on ads!


How cool is that?


But listen, we’re not stopping there…our goal is domination and that’s what we’ll give you.


So now it’s time to take a look at your website and your social media channels, i.e. the online media you already have in place.


When someone is searching for a product or service online, the first place they go is a Google search and if your website ranks well (with a high domain authority) in Google, they’ll find your website.


Now it’s one thing to find you website, but what happens next?


They’ll click the link to go to your website and your website home page will open on their browser.


But here’s the thing…


You have about three seconds to grab their attention and get them to stay on your website and read further.


Cutthroat, right?


So how are you going to do this?


To get visitors to remain on your website, your website must use messaging and imagery that shows people in a split second, that they are in the right place to find the answer to their problem or to fulfil their desire, i.e. the reason they are searching.


Assuming your website does this, it then needs to be laid out with copy and imagery that matches their natural researching instincts and buying process.


I’d recommend that you find a good copywriter to do this for you. Not because I am a copywriter, but because I know that this is your first and only chance to make a god impression. It’s worth investing in. I’ve seen seemingly “ugly” websites convert highly because they simply had good copy.


You see, your copy is your conversation with your website visitors, and it must virtually read their minds and give them the answers they are seeking BEFORE the question enters their mind. This is what good copywriting does.


So with the correct messaging and good copy, you have their attention, but not everyone is going to reach out to you straight away. In fact, statistics tell us that only 1-2% of website visitors are intending to purchase straight away (this does vary from industry to industry, but it’s a good benchmark).


So, what can you do to talk with more than 1-2% of your website visitors?


If you don’t have already, you need a “lead capture strategy” on your website. This involves offering something that is highly valuable to your customers, something they MUST have, and in return for giving them this valuable item, you get their First Name and their Email Address – now you can start a conversation with them.


And as I’ve mentioned a few times already, this is another part of your marketing that can be automated using Keap, Active Campaign or Infusionsoft.


Your Social Media 

 So, what about your social media?




“You need a Facebook business page, you need to be in six Facebook groups, you need an Instagram handle and post every day, you need to be active on Twitter and Pinterest and you need to do an outreach strategy on LinkedIn!” 




Back up…


Before you get overwhelmed with the whole social media craze for your business, you first need to determine which platform your customers are hanging out on. If you sell beauty products, chances are you customers will be on Instagram or Pinterest or both. If you are a legal services practice, most of your clients would probably be using Facebook. 


Once you determine the most popular social media platform for your customers, put all your “social time, effort and money” into just this one platform and do it better than anyone else is doing it. There are many courses out there that show you how to do this, such as Instagram Domination by our friend Nathan Chan at Foundr.


A good social media mix would be a combination of informative posts, educational posts, inspirational posts, motivational posts, funny posts and call to action posts. The call to action posts ideally would have a URL link to a landing page for a lead magnet opt in just like you have on your website. It doesn’t have to be the same lead magnet, but it does need to match your audience’s needs. To give you an idea, we rotate up to nine different Lead Magnets across our online media.


So, the strategy for social media, is to spend time and effort on only one channel until your perfect your strategy and lead generation from it.


Once done, you can look at the second-best social channel for you, then the next and so on. You will get far more traction with a focussed approach like this, rather than spreading your resources thin across every channel out there.


Making sense?




Okay, now t’s time for the final step in our five-step process to dominate your industry with Digital Marketing…


Step #5 – Invest in Advertising!



best online advertising agency gold coast 


You thought we’d never get there didn’t you?


Hooray! Now you are finally ready for advertising!


Now you get to play in the arena that so many businesses waste money in – but not you. Because this is Step #5 in your Digital Marketing domination strategy, you are now, finally, in a position to capitalise fully on any advertising you may do.


As a serious business owner, there are times when you just have to ‘suck it up right? Well, to get fresh new leads into your business, like it or not, you will need to pay for them, i.e. you will need to advertise!


By following the process we have laid out so far, you have already materialised your advertising budget out of thin air (in the first three steps); so now it makes sense to pay for ads, because they are being paid for by money you otherwise wouldn’t have had, if you hadn’t followed this process.


Clever, right?


I’d say just plain common sense and good business practice!


Now the question is…


Where to advertise?
Now just like the strategy for social media, you want to use one channel to begin with and hit that out of the park. Once you can do that, you can then look at other platforms and ways of advertising.


You’ll need to determine where your customers are, what they are looking for and how to attract their attention and get them to take action. So, the type of business you have will determine where you should advertise. If you are a motor mechanic, it’s unlikely your customers will be searching Facebook for a motor mechanic.


However, even so, they may look at you Facebook reviews before calling you. If you are selling make up, it’s not as likely that people will be searching on Google for makeup, but they may be scrolling tough Instagram, looking at Pinterest or even Facebook where you can grab their attention with well-placed ads.



dominate Instagram gold coast



I would put Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) into the advertising mix as this is money you invest into getting to the top of the Google rankings in your industry, i.e. it is money you invest in getting new leads.


This is a longer-term advertising strategy that is cumulative over time. It’s not like online advertising, where if you stop spending money, you disappear into a black hole. Investing in SEO strategies is an investment in the long-term visibility of your business on Google (and other search engines).


Business that lend themselves well to SEO strategies are professional services, trades and eCommerce. In other words, every business can benefit from a well thought out, well-structured and well executed SEO strategy.


So that is Step #5, invest in Advertising for new leads.




As promised, I’ve provided you with the five steps that will help you dominate your industry with Digital Marketing.


Here are the exact steps and in the exact order they ought to be undertaken again…


1. Convert Unconverted Leads
2. Increase the Lifetime Value of Current Customers
3. Get More Referrals from Customers
4. Get More Leads from the Online Media You Have
5. Decide on One Advertising Channel and Dominate It!


If you undertake these strategies and implement them in the exact order provided…


  • You’ll maximise the value of every lead that comes to your business
  • You’ll remove the resistance to people doing business with you
  • You’ll be known as the “go to” business in your industry
  • You’ll have more leads and more sales
  • You’ll create a budget that you can use for paid advertising that you otherwise wouldn’t have
  • You’ll exponentially improve your bottom line
And best of all…


You’ll dominate your industry with Digital Marketing!


Go forth, follow the step by step process and conquer all before you!


Rohan James
Digital Marketing Strategist