Hello. So today I’m going to continue the theme of brand, and pose a question. So if you’re a small business owner or a solo business owner, you might be saying, “Well, I need to get leads and sales. So should I be focusing on tactics to get leads and sales, or should I be focusing on this brand thing?” Well, here’s the thing, if you haven’t got the brand thing sorted and you don’t really know who your ideal customer is, and you haven’t figured that out, doing the tactics to get leads and sales is going to end up being a very poor ROI. You’re going to end up with just anybody. It’s kind of like a spray and pray approach, right? So, yes, you need to earn money and you need to bring money in and sales in. But the branding thing is super important. Here’s why.

If you go out and you start selling, you’ve gone out to networking groups or you’re selling online, you’ve got your website, you might have a Facebook page and a few other social media channels, you might be doing ads, where’s the consistency in your message? Where’s the consistency of who you are and what your business is all about? Branding and What To Do About It To Grow Small Business

Without doing the brand stuff, there is no consistency. And what happens is people, subconsciously or consciously, when they’re looking at your ad or your website or what you’re selling or talking about, they pick up on it. And there’s what’s called incongruency. They can see that you are incongruent and not in alignment with who you really are, who your business really is.

So if you haven’t got the brand stuff in alignment, and that means everything from what you’re saying, the messaging, what your website looks like, the words that you’re using, your logo, the colors you’re using, and then what you’re saying to people, okay, this is all part of it. It blends and it flows all into that customer journey. If you haven’t got all that sorted, people aren’t going to feel good. And then you’re not actually attracting the right person to you. That is how you need to ensure that you get the right people. So doing that stuff is super important.

I see businesses also who’ve been around for a number of years who’ve been successful enough because they’ve had a really good product or they’ve been lucky, they’ve been in a market or a niche that’s gone off and they’ve made some money. But what happens is they hit a plateau. And they’ll come to us, and say, “We’ve hit this sales plateau,” or, “We’ve hit this level, and we can’t go beyond. And things are happening inside our business. We’re not operating as happily as we could.” It all comes back to what I’m talking about. So you’ve got to do this piece first. And once you do, it’s revelational. It’s inspiring. And you’ll actually feel a lot better about what you’re selling and what you’re doing in your business and how you’re helping people, once you figure this out

Okay, that’s it for today. Hope that was interesting. Any question? Just ask. Branding and What To Do About It To Grow Small Business

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