Marketing automation is one of the biggest trends to hit the digital marketing world in the past couple of years. But is it worth the hype? We think so. Here are a few reasons why automated marketing should be your top business growth strategy:

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation refers to software that can perform certain tasks without, or with significantly reduced, human interaction.
There are many ways you can automate your marketing, including:

Automated Email

This includes triggered emails that get sent to customers when they engage with your business.
These may happen when an existing customer performs a task on your website (e.g. abandoned cart emails). But automated emails also include campaigns sent to potential customers when they join your email marketing list.

Social Media Automation

social media automation

There are a variety of automation packages to help you run your social media campaigns.
Most commonly, these are used to post pre-scheduled content to social media channels, helping you keep your feeds current and fresh.
But it also includes some more innovative solutions — like social listening tools and chatbots.

Lead Scoring

Many marketing automation packages include options for lead scoring. This enables you to assign points to each lead for their interactions with your business.
This helps you understand who your strongest leads are, providing you with valuable insights to target your sales operations.

Five Reasons Automated Marketing Should Be Your Top Business Growth Strategy.

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons you should be:

1. Save Time

Automating your marketing activities helps you get more from your staff. It takes away some of the mundane, repetitive tasks freeing their time up to focus on bigger objectives.

2. Systemise Your Marketing

How refined are your current marketing processes? When you automate, you need to sit down and reorganise your current approach.
This enables you to put in place a system for getting results — improving the consistency and efficiency of your marketing efforts.
Many marketing automation packages also integrate with your CRM, bringing all your processes together.

3. Reduce Costs

reduce cost thru marketing automation

When your staff are more efficient and productive, you need less of them.
Although there will be some investment required in the automation software itself, over time, this is likely to provide a significant ROI.

4. Produce Effective Reports

Manual reporting takes time and effort. In a busy marketing department, it’s often one of the tasks that are moved to the bottom of the pile.
With automated marketing, you can access reports inside the software itself. This means you can learn what works and what doesn’t, without your staff having to spend more time figuring this out.

5. Improve Customer Experience

Ultimately, your customer experience is what matters most.
Automated marketing helps you give the customers what they want, exactly when they want it — increasing the likelihood of a sale.
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