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We are a Marketing Automation Agency, who build marketing automation systems that ensure you achieve a sustainable advantage in the marketplace.

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Ongoing Education

Our ongoing education keeps us at the forefront of technological advances that benefit your ability to attract the right clients.

Creative Solutions

We have never met a problem that couldn’t be solved by a new way of thinking or a new creative angle of approach.

Forward Thinking

We are proactive, not reactive. We help you with your business goals and implement the best plans to hit those targets.

Customer Support

We are here for you and we are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that your targets are always met.

"Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean."

Our Story

To create our Marketing Automation Agency, we blended a Market Positioning Specialist with a Marketing Automation Guru, added a splash of Lead Conversion & Copywriting Genius and the result is the ideal alliance for taking your business to the next level with marketing automation tactics.

We have the utmost respect for each other as the leading Marketing Automation and Digital Marketing agency in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. We adhere to our principles of having fun every day while creating a better financial reality for our clients through marketing automation strategies and Infusionsoft tactics.

Our Team of Marketing Wizards

Aveline Clarke

Aveline Clarke

Marketing Wizard & Infusionsoft Guru

I’m passionate about helping small businesses grow, so they can play their part in creating a better, more connected and enjoyable world!

Hi, I’m Aveline Clarke.  I was Australia’s first Infusionsoft Certified Partner in 2009 and since then have continued to help businesses from across the globe in all aspects of marketing automation, strategy, process and the end-to-end customer experience.

My years of experience in corporate Australia and in particular for the NAB, gave me the opportunity to create large scale engagement and cultural change projects that involved marketing automation systems, process and people.

What is unique about me is my ability to understand a person’s true issue, find the right technology solution and then translate that into a marketing automation solution that focuses on the people experience!

Here at Success Wizards I love working in this growing team of highly creative and skilled individuals, where every day we get to create marketing automation magic in people’s businesses!

Rohan James

Rohan James

Marketing Wizard & Master Copywriter

I am passionate about helping your business acquire new clients, retain your existing clients and make sure that you get repeat sales and referrals. With Marketing Automation, this can all be put on auto-pilot!

I spend time with you to understand your business, clients, and objectives, then I create Mouth Watering Headlines & Sales Copy to ensure your get maximum bang for your buck through your marketing automation!

My writing career began 20 years ago when I was invited to write golf instructional articles for Handelsblatt, a German Financial publication that has a daily readership of over 120,000 (I was an Australian pro golfer living in Germany at the time – G’Day Mate!).

I have never stopped writing since because I love playing with words, just as a painter loves to throw paint on a canvas.

I have studied the masters of copywriting for years; and I am highly skilled in integrating the proven formulas for successful sales and marketing copy into your voice and style.

This means you don’t get empty promises; you get serious results with your marketing automation!

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