Want To Plug The Gaps In Your Customer Journey?

Find out how you can identify the gaps in your Customer Journey using our checklist: “5 Steps To Identify The Gaps In Your Customer Journey” – GRAB YOUR COPY NOW!


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Digital Marketing Strategy To Double Your Profitability

– The 4 Pillars of Profit –

There are four principal aspects of your business that directly affect your profitability. A small incremental improvement in each pillar could result in doubling your profitability.

You can directly influence The 4 Pillars of Profit with Digital Marketing Strategies and Marketing Automation. And not just any old Marketing Automation.

Our unique customer-centric digital marketing strategies and marketing automation are really what makes it work.

Enterprise Marketing Automation

The Ideal Customer Experience 

It’s not all about technology…

Without the right strategy, no technology, no matter how advanced or “shiny” it may be, is not going be the answer.

Our answer is simple… create your own unique Ideal Customer Experience and use technology to leverage up to (and in some cases more than) 80% of that experience.

Let us show you how…

The Numbers Don’t Lie!

Your Ideal Customer Experience, when implemented well, positively impacts The 4 Pillars of Profit.

This is the key to you realising the profits your hard work deserves.

Take a look at the table below. The numbers don’t lie!


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There Are No Quick Fixes!

Working with The 4 Pillars of Profit is not a short-term “throw some money at some ads to get some quick wins” strategy, no! It is a lot more than that.

Formulating sustainable growth through your Ideal Customer Experience and The 4 Pillars of Profit is a longer-term vision for your business.

Our aim is to create long-term sustainable growth for your business for years to come.

In the process, we help you systematise your business through the best possible enterprise marketing automation solutions.

With a systematised business you can step back and work only when you want to… or sell at a premium price!

Here’s how we work with you…

Step #1 – Identify Your Biggest Gains

There’s no fluffing around. We get straight to the point! Where can we get the biggest gains in the fastest time frame? This usually comes from under one or more of the following categories:

  1. You need to attract more leads towards your business.
  2. You need to qualify your leads better.
  3. You need to convert more qualified leads to sales.
  4. You need to increase the lifetime value of each customer.

Once the priority order is identified, we move to Step #2…

Online Marketing Automation

Step #2 – The Plan

Following on from Step #1, after knowing the areas where you can improve drastically, we create a plan of attack. We will present to you a commendable draft plan that includes the strategy, the priority order, the approximate investment and expected Return On Investment (ROI).

Not stopping here, we will also outline time frames, how the building process works and how to work with us to achieve the best results. We will discuss this with you to ensure you understand every aspect of the proposed strategy(s). You don’t need to worry about anything at all as we will keep you updated on every plan we need to execute, as we always aim to do our work with utmost customer satisfaction.

When you are happy and content with the plan, we move to Step #3…

Step #3 – Your Proposal

Having agreement on the proposed strategy(s), we formalise the plan into a formal agreement that clearly outlines all the deliverables. The proposal will also spell out in black and white everything we need from you and in what time frame we need these things. Through the agreed proposal, we, as an experienced marketing automation agency, deliver 100% transparency, making sure you don’t have any complaints related to your procedures and strategies anytime.

We show you exactly what you can expect in working with us as well as the time frames to have the strategy(s) in place and working.

On signing of the agreement, we move to Step #4…

Sales and Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation Service

Step #4 – The Build

We begin! Our processes are transparent and we give you access to our project management software so you can see at a glance exactly what work is scheduled, what has been completed and where we are tracking in relation to our proposed timeframes.

We also report to you on a fortnightly basis to keep you abreast of all work completed and outstanding. No smoke and mirrors, just clear concise reports that keep us 100% accountable.

Once the initial building is complete, we meet with you to discuss Step #5…

Step #5 – Ongoing Support

Marketing automation requires ongoing testing and measuring and tweaking and refining to adjust to market changes, economic changes, changes in consumer tastes, technological changes and so on.

We offer ongoing support packages that are separate from the original scope of work. These allow you to continue to refine the strategies that have been put in place. During the Ongoing Support Phase, we continue to test and measure, refine and exploit the things that are working well, whilst pulling back in areas that may have worked at one stage but because of marketplace changes, no longer have the same impact.

We are always here for you with our Ongoing Support Packages.

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Want To Plug The Gaps In Your Customer Journey?

Find out how you can identify the gaps in your Customer Journey using our checklist: “5 Steps To Identify The Gaps In Your Customer Journey” – GRAB YOUR COPY NOW!


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With our Digital Marketing Strategies and Project Management, you can relax knowing:


Qualified new leads are consistently coming to you


Your clients keep on coming back to you regularly


High-quality leads are looking for you

Our marketing automation strategies do most of the legwork for you, so…

What will you do with all your spare time?

“If you keep doing the same things, you’ll keep getting the same results!”